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How to interface AD5522's LVDS to FPGA?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5522 10CL040


Table 3 of the data sheet for the AD5522 seems to imply that its LVDS interface is 2.7 V to 5.5 V, while the FPGA (10CL040) has an LVDS interface voltage of 2.5 V. If we look at the simple model of the LVDS interface, this seems fine, but the LVDS interface may also contain some fault protection circuitry. I'm not sure if this can connect the two directly? Or do you have any design suggestions?



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    Jul 13, 2023 in reply to PaulCA +1 verified

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    As per the data sheet, AD5522's DVCC can go as low as 2.7V with the LVDS interface.

    Table 3 shows that the timing parameters are…