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MAX32010/MAX9959 EVKIT IMEAS/VMEAS Measurement

Category: Software
Product Number: MAX32010 MAX32010EVKIT MAX9959
Software Version: 1.0.0

The evaluation kit uses a MAX1033 ADC to measure the voltages on the pins VMEAS and IMEAS. And the EVKIT datasheet states that:

The Measurement Mode group box provides the measured voltages at IMEAS and VMEAS pins of the MAX32010. Table 1 shows the settings and functionality of these bits in the GUI:

But on the GUI, there's no place I can find the voltage readings. Also, the EVALKIT doesn't have any test points to allow a user to easily measure the voltages of the pins VMEAS and IMEAS.

  • Hi mts100,

    I've asked folks with more hands-on experience with the MAX32010, and I've been told that you can only measure IMEAS and VMEAS on the EVK using a DVM. I got the indication that there are test points on the EVK (which I know you've indicated they are not there). I think the only other way to probe these would be to get them at U16 pins 3, and 4 per attached. Here is what I was told:

    "MAX32010 uses MAX32625 pico board and MAX1033 ADC. VMEAS and IMEAS pins of MAX32010 is connected to MAX1033 ADC. MAX1033 is not connected to MAX32625 pico board.

    The GUI communications happens through the micro on the pico board. Because of this, the GUI doesn’t have VMEAS or IMEAS functionality. There are test points on the EVKits to measure the VMEAS and IMEAS."



  • Hi Hooman,

    Thanks for the quick reply. The board does have test points for VMEAS and IMEAS. 



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    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the feedback. Good to know that at least there are test points to make it easier to monitor these nodes.