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AD5522 no negative voltage output

1.use PC software to control EVAL-AD5522EBDZ, positve and negative voltage output function normal.

2.use FPGA spi to control  AD5522JSVUZ-RL to generate voltage on own production,only positive voltage generated and no negative voltage output.

3.connenct FPGA spi to AD5522JSVDZ on EVAL-AD5522EBDZ,positive and negative voltage generated,so AD5522 configuration code in FPGA seems no problem.

4.But in debug board,we can not control AD5522JSVUZ-RL to generate negative voltage output.Does AD5522JSVUZ-RL support to generate negative voltage and are the configuration of AD5522JSVUZ-RL&AD5522JSVDZ the same?

5.which factor can lead to no negative voltage output

6.What's the difference between AD5522JSVUZ-RL and AD5522JSVUZ&AD5522JSVDZ,temperature range shows different.