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one audio serial interface TDM16 for two i2s devices TDM8

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADAU1787


i'm wondering if i can connect two i2s component handling each 8 channels to only one audio serial interface on the ADAU1787 ? 

one component is master, the other one is slave.

Each are configured in TDM mode [8 channels, 16 bits (16 BLCK per frame)]

i know the ADAU1787 has two ASI but i wanted to keep ASI2 available for another interface.

Initially, i selected ADAU1467 which supports 4 ASI but the TDM mode (seems to) do not support only 16 BCLK per frame (only 32 bits/channels)

This parameter seems to be configurable in the ADAU1787 (Serial Port x Control 1 register)

Thank you

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