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MCLK Usage for Analog Section

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX98091

I am using MAX98091  as just an Audio Mux.   

There are 2 analog inputs which I want to switch to the Analog output and also set the Gain

The MCLK signal is shown as part of DAI. Since I dont have DA,  I assumed that MCLK signal is not required and hence not connected.

It is possible  to operate MAX98091  in analog mode without MCLK ?




  • Still waiting for a reply on this. I anybody can help it would be much appreciated

  • I apologize for missing this thread and having a late response.

    There are usually some analog-only paths that work without MCLK.  Let me set this up on my bench and verify that this is true, and I'll let you know which analog paths can be used without clocks.

  • I can confirm that the analog inputs (LINE or MIC) may be routed to the headphone, speaker, and receiver outputs without an MCLK present on the MAX98091.

    All of the gain settings may also be adjusted without MCLK present.

  • Thank you Ed for the response. Much appreciated.

    I am trying out a simple configuration. I have a stereo line in coming on INP 5 and INP 6

    Trying to route it to Line Out L/R without any gain. Following are the register settings.

    Not getting any output.  Checked and confirmed good signal level at input. Also  read back and verified register settings. Am I missing any settings ?

  • Hello, satish1959,

    The registers that you provided match mine when setting up this signal path, but there must be something missing in your overall configuration.

    Here are the contents from the control registers on my bench setup which is currently routing INP5 and INP6 to the line outputs without an MCLK present.  Please try these settings out and see if you can pass the analog signal through the MAX98091.  If it works, you can use this template to see which setting you are missing.

    0x00 0x00
    0x01 0x00
    0x02 0x00
    0x03 0x04
    0x04 0x00
    0x05 0x00
    0x06 0x00
    0x07 0x00
    0x08 0x00
    0x09 0x00
    0x0A 0x00
    0x0B 0x00
    0x0C 0x00
    0x0D 0x03
    0x0E 0x1B
    0x0F 0x00
    0x10 0x14
    0x11 0x14
    0x12 0x00
    0x13 0x00
    0x14 0x00
    0x15 0x08
    0x16 0x10
    0x17 0x03
    0x18 0x03
    0x19 0x00
    0x1A 0x00
    0x1B 0x00
    0x1C 0x00
    0x1D 0x00
    0x1E 0x00
    0x1F 0x00
    0x20 0x00
    0x21 0x00
    0x22 0x00
    0x23 0x00
    0x24 0x00
    0x25 0x00
    0x26 0x88
    0x27 0x00
    0x28 0x00
    0x29 0x00
    0x2A 0x00
    0x2B 0x00
    0x2C 0x1A
    0x2D 0x1A
    0x2E 0x00
    0x2F 0x00
    0x30 0x00
    0x31 0x2C
    0x32 0x2C
    0x33 0x00
    0x34 0x00
    0x35 0x00
    0x36 0x00
    0x37 0x04
    0x38 0x00
    0x39 0x15
    0x3A 0x88
    0x3B 0x00
    0x3C 0x15
    0x3D 0x00
    0x3E 0x0C
    0x3F 0x0C
    0x40 0x00
    0x41 0x00
    0x42 0x00
    0x43 0x00
    0x44 0x06
    0x45 0x80
    0xBE 0x03
    0xBF 0x03
    0xC0 0x00
    0xC1 0x1B
    0xC2 0x10

  • I missed the device enable register 0x45

    After setting this it works

    Thanks a lot for the help

  • I'm glad I was able to assist you.  Good luck with your application!