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Problems with Parameter update and readback block's on ADAU1787

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1787
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7

Hi team,

I'm trying to change the gain of a gain block with the Parameter Update block, but it doesn't work.

When i select the parameter i want to change in the Parameter Update block, the Variable Name it lets you choose does not correspond to the name of the variable you want to change, and therefore this parameter is not updated.

For example, in the following schematic I want to change the gain of the block 'Gain1' whose parameter name is 'Gain1940AlgNS1' and its address is 0x2064.

When I select the parameter in the Parameter Update block, the only available parameter I can choose is 'Gain1940AlgNS1_10', whose address does not correspond to the gain of 'Gain1' (0x4064).

And with the Parameter Readback block the problem is the same, it reads in an address that does not correspond to the one of the parameter we have selected and gives a wrong value (always 0).

I have seen in other posts people who have had the same problem on the 1787 but there is no answer to this problem.
Is there something I'm missing? Is it a problem with the ADAU1787?