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Input Pin Resistors and Capacitors

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD1938


My team and I are designing a PCB for the AD1938 and we have a question about what the datasheet for the AD1938 is saying

In the AD1938 Datasheet it states that for the ADCs "each input pin should be isolated by using a series connected, external, 100 Ω resistor together with a 1 nF capacitor connected from each input to ground. This capacitor must be of high quality, for example, ceramic NPO or polypropylene film."

Is this something that is required for the ADC to work? If so, so what exactly is it saying? Is it saying that we should connect the resistor and capacitor in series from the input pin on the AD1938 to the ground and then connect our input signal in parrallel with that resistor and capacitor (Connect our input signal and the resistor/capacitor directly to the input pin of the AD1938)?