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configuration of MAX9867 evaluation board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX9867


I want to know whether onetime configuration of MAX9867 evaluation board using windows application is enough?

because ,i'm going to connect the board with external dsp to stream digital audio input to dsp as well as stream digital audio out to this evaluation this suitable for me?.if it is not can you suggest me anyother development board for the same

  • Hi Ratasshi,

    Yes, the evaluation board will be suitable for this. There are connectors that you can use to directly connect I2S digital audio to the MAX9867.  The Windows application will allow you to configure the MAX9867 as needed.

    Depending on your requirements, the MAX9867 evaluation board may be the best fit, but we have a wide range of parts that can be used instead.  The MAX9867 is a full-featured CODEC, but if streaming digital audio is all that you require, there may be other solutions that are easier to use.

    Feel free to ask any questions here and I'll help you as much as I can.