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Basic Communications

Category: Hardware
Product Number: I looking for the correct audio-voice solution

Hi everyone,

My name is John Leon from DeepSea Developments Company (

We are working in a low-size solution using Audio Front End. We have a microphone + esp32-32s + speaker ( But, the speaker is too near to microphone and need solve the issue about echo, so we are looking another option that allows a special implementation for AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) when the user talks.

So, in summary: we need the loop: I2S_mic (read) + miniDSP or codec + I2S_Amplifier  (write) + Speaker, where at the same time the circuit capture the voice (reading the I2S mic) and playback by speaker (writing on I2S amplifier) with good sound quality (low latency, free of echo, gain without saturation, volume control, noise and feedback suppression , etc).

Please, could you let me know if there is an Analog Device chip that does this. And If you can also provide a demonstration that show how it could work , It would be helpful.

Thank you so much,

I look forward any comment