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ADAU1452 AEC With EVLKit

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1452
Software Version: Sigmastudio 4,7

the Example for ACE with EVL-Kit did´nt  work. there is nothing at Mic output!!!? could you please help me


  • Hi Farhang, definitely, I'll be able to help you out here.

    Could you please help in understanding which example project did you use to try this out? Where did you download the example project from?

    Also, what are the mic connections that you are using? It might help if you elaborate on your setup, pictures help too, if you can share.

  • Hi and Thanks, so i have an EVL-KIT 1452 and i used the Example that you made it, yesterday i could to use your example now i must develop a Hand Microphone with Full Duplex Voice Communication, i used Input1 for LS and Input2 for Mic, now how can i modify the input2 to use 2 Mic and make ANC together with AEC Algorithm_Trial and with 8Khz Sampling, the Project goes for Voice Communication. we are going to buy the License from ADI Algorithm, but i must test and prove if ADI Algorithm works correctly for our Application. Thanks a lot again and i wait for your Answer. sorry i tried to insert a PDF data from our Concept, it didn't work. i send you per Mail.