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Resource usage statistics on Sigma Studio

How do I check the resource usage for my Sigma Studio schematic?

  • The resource usage of a Sigma Studio schematic can be viewed in the Output window on the right side after you compile the schematic. The picture below shows the output window highlighted in orange.

    The memory utilization is directly visible on the output window.

    To calculate the MIPS utilization, Multiply the Total Inst (cycles) for that particular sampling frequency and multiple with the sampling frequency. This will give you the IPS (Instructions Per Second). to get the MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second), divide the number by one million. Do this for all sampling frequencies and add them up to get the total MIPS utilization. Note that for Block Processing, this number needs to divided by the block size.

    For the picture above, at sampling frequency (Fs) of 48kHz, the total Inst (cycles) is 695. Hence, the MIPS utilization is 695*48,000/1,000,000 = 33.36 MPIS. This number is to be calculated at all sampling frequencies and added up to get the total MIPS.