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It's about antique R2R ladder DAC (audio dac AD1862)

Dear support team,
I have got some pieces of your antique DACs (which is being not continued nowaday), and have marked AD1862 (R2R ladder – 20 bit). I love your AD1865 DAC in my CD player, so I really love your AD1862 too.
I have read its datasheet for many times carefully and I realize it can accept EIAJ data format only. Unfortunally, my transported IC can supply IIS – Phillips data format only.
I have got your AN-207 application note, but it was supported for AD1856 type (16 bit R2R ladder).
Travel around on google, I got a schemmatic:
So, would you mind to tell me that the schemmatic on can work ? Can it use as an interface between my transport IC (IIS format) with your AD1862 DACs (EIAJ format) ?
Best regards,
minhtri .