ADAU1966A Register Programming Sequence

We are using  ADAU1966A  in system design with direct master clock mode by following clock sequences. 

   MCLK : 16 MHz

   DBCLK: 1 MHz

   DLRCLK: 31.25KHz 

   sampling rate FS : 31.25 KHz

   I2S Left Right justified

We need help with programming the registers, for the above mentioned configuration. 

What we have currently tried, 

PLL_CLK_CTRL1 reg 0 (0x00)       - 0x01

PLL_CLK_CTRL1 reg 1 (0x01)       - 0x2B

PDN_THRMSENS_CTRL_1 (0x02) - 0x82

PDN_CTRL2  (0x03)                        - 0x00

PDN_CTRL3  (0x04)                        - 0x00

DAC_CTRL0 (0x06)                         - 0x00

DAC_CTRL1 (0x07)                         - 0x00

DAC_CTRL2 (0x08)                         - 0x06


With the above register sequence, we can read the temperature from 0x05 register correctly, but we not getting any audio output at the DAC.



1) Is the above register values are correct ?

2) Is there any sequence to be followed to be followed while programming the registers


Thanks in advance

  • Hello

    It looks like you are setting up the part properly. When using the direct clocking mode there are not too many rules for programming the part. Apply Master Clock and wait a short time. (I would have to look it up but only a handful of MCLK cycles. Then power up the part by turning on the master power up bit (in register 00). Then program the rest of the registers.

    I think I see the problem. There appears to be an error in the datasheet. For DAC Control Register 1, There is the BCLK_RATE bit setting. It incorrectly states it is 32 or 16 BCLKs per FRAME when it is per CHANNEL. So it is 64/32 BCLKs per frame when using I2S stereo mode.

    So your Bit clock frequency needs to be 2MHz.

    Dave T

  • Hello,

    I had a problem with registers- no output signal.


    1. Write register 06 (value &H15) 

    2. Write registers 00....04

    3. Write registers 06 (value &H15) ... 1F

    4. Write register 20, wait 100 ms and write again register 06 (value &H14 - DAC Master Mute: normal operation).


    DAC: ADAU1966, TDM4, 192 kHz

    I didn't try skip 1st point.