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I have to interface audio codec ADAU1978 to STM32F407 discovery board.

I want to use the I2C interfacing. Are there any particular sequence of steps to be programmed to get the codec working? Like first write something into a register to power up he codec and so on?

  • Hello Niyathi08,

    There are few I2C writes, first ensure you power up the part and ensure the AVDD/IOVDD and DVDD are stable. Then set the PWUP bit to 1, ensure the master clock is provided if using MCLK mode. Then setup the PLL registers as desired. Read the PLL lock. If the PLL is locked then proceed with the serial port settings and unmute the outputs.

    Use the GUI from the product page to arrive at the desired settings. As it would help you check and validate your settings. The settings can be captured using the GUI. Also the I2C writes can be saved as a sequence file. Test the part using the sequence file. Once valid it contains all the I2C settings for the part and can be used for programming the part using MCU in the system.



  • What are the I2C writes? I dont have a evaluation board with me and hence no GUI. I have to interface the codec with STM32F07VG.