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ADAU1701. No more Bluetooth Input after programming Rotary Encoder Volume

Category: Software
Product Number: KABD 4100 Dayton
Software Version: Version 4.7 Rev 1831

Hello. New to Sigma Studio. ADAU 1701 with rotary encoder volume works fine with Line input. But Bluetooth input is not working anymore. Bluetooth input is working fine with other simple example files loaded.

  • Hello,

    This is because you changed the serial digital interface pins to be GPIO pins. If I assume the Bluetooth is a clock master, But I do not think it is, You will need to use several of the multi-function pins for their serial port function making them unavailable for use as a GPIO pin. 

    For just stereo I2S you only need one serial data in. So MP5 is available because you will not be using the digital output for anything. 

    MP0 must be set to serial In_0

    MP4 must be set to the LRCLK input

    MP5 must be set to Bit Clock input

    Then if you need to operate the serial port as a clock master then MP10 and MP11 must be set to be the LRCLK and BCLK function for the output port. Then set the serial output port to be a master and the clocks will come from those pins. Then you will have to externally jumper the MP11-->MP5 and MP10-->MP4.

    If you look at the schematic of the board you will find those are already jumpered most likely. 

    You may not have enough GPIO pins to do what you want.  Although, all I see are two of them being used in your schematic. 

    Dave T