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Possible to use MAX5440 with log potentiometer to control the attenuation taps?

Product Number: MAX5440

Hello, I want to use MAX5440 as a voltage control with a logarithmic 25k potentiometer. Log pot in its furthest position should put MAX5440 to max -90 dB attenuation (tap 32). If I leave both rotary inputs of MAX5440 open, W0/W1 open, connect my L/H inputs to terminals of the pot, would this solution work?

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  • Hello GRPEE34,

    This part is not supported by the audio group so I alerted the applications engineer for this part and hopefully he will respond soon. 

    These parts are often used for audio applications so you are not wrong to start here. These sort of parts are supported in the Precision DAC section of the forum but this is a Maxim part so there are not any posts about this part on the forum until your question. You should see a response soon.

    Dave T

  • Hi,

    What are the exact terminals of the logarithmic 25k potentiometer that are connected to the L/H of the MAX5440? A block diagram would be helpful.