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Schematic to connect ADAU1452

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1452

Hello I want to buil an board with adau1452 with 4 dac/adc of 8channels each with tdm Also via tdm theres an input to an chip to allow receive and send audio via usb.however only i can found projects more complex than i need to analyze.

Anyone can help?

  • Hello Daniel,

    32 inputs and 32 outputs going to a USB interface? This would require an XMOS processor and a lot of codecs. Our codecs like the AD1938 is only four ADCs but it has 8 DACs. So you would need to connect eight of these codecs into one DSP which is a little difficult. You could just connect them into the XMOS processor directly but this is not a trivial design. 

    There was a company in Italy what used to do designs like this for OEMs but I would have to look harder for them. 

    You can look at any of the eval boards for the  ADAU1452 and see how to interface to one codec but none of them have USB. 

    Dave T

  • Im trying do the same as the project opensource freedsp infinitas, but in a more simple way. As you can check in my print (with some irrelevant parts of the screen removed) this project uses an ADAU 1452 as DSP chip

    I already reversed engineered the VHDL code provided and its just to direct the incoming signal from the input pins of the FPGA. it uses external adc/dac modules and i pretend use the same module (the AnalogIO x8 from freeDSP too, and this module already have the codecs).

    I get lost when I study the schematic.

    I'm not exactly looking for a schematic to be made for the connection with the ADC chip, it would be just one of the connectors for the external ADC/DAC.

  • Hello Daniel,

    This FreeDSP solution is using an XMOS board and it is also using an FPGA. So there is an awful lot going on under the hood here and I cannot help you with all that. The SigmaDSP is probably the simplest part of this design. 

    Dave T