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MAX9768 I2C Address

Category: Software
Product Number: MAX9768
Software Version: I2C

I'm looking through the documentation for the MAX9768 Power Amplifier and it suggest that the I2C address of the amp will be 0x96 if both address lines are pulled high, JU3/4, but that doesn't seem to address reservation for I2C which is defined to be between 0-127 or 0x0-0x7F, what am i missing here, I2C drivers assume the address is between 0x0-0x7F?

  • Hello bmcdaniel,

    This is the old 7-bit verses 8-bit address confusion. 

    The 7-bit address is only the address of the part, nothing else. 

    That address is shifted to the left by one bit and the Read/Write bit is added making it the full 8-but address where there is one for read and one for write. 

    Here is the full 8-bit address:

    As you can see it is 0x97 for a read and 0x96 for a write command. 

    If you shift this over to the right one bit so the read/write bit is not included and add a zero in the MSB, you get this for the address:

    0x4B if the ADDR2 and ADDR1 are both high. 

    Often the I2C built in routines in a microcontroller just needs to be given the 7-bit address and it will deal with shifting it and adding the read/write bit. 

    You will have to check your software.


    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    That was indeed the case, I was able to write to the device as needed, in my case I padded the msb with a 0 resulting in an address of 0x4b.  Thank You.

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