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SHARC Bare Metal SDK Update Timeline and SAM Audio Starter SDK

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC589
Software Version: SHARC Bare Metal SDK Release 2.1.2 / SAM Audio Starter SDK 1.0

I know that audio processing works "out of the box" on the SC589 mini board Revision 2.1, using the current SAM audio starter SDK (or alternate SDK).

I have also learned that the SHARC Bare Metal SDK is undergoing updates to reach compatibility with the SC589 mini board Revision 2.1 board. 

Is there an approximate timeline for when an updated SHARC Bare Metal SDK, updated to work with SC589 mini Revision 2.1, will be made available? 

Also, is it advisable to proceed with using the the alternate SDK, instead, for new designs (I am new to the SC589 platform)? 

I am merely looking to see where my efforts and time are best spent.



Made board name references the same.
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