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SSM I2C issue

Product Number: Audio amplifier SSM2380
Software Version: VIVADO 2021.1 with Vitis 2021.1

Hi all...

Good day,

We are working on communication system using AD9361 with xc7z030.

So I'm working with a xc7z030, vivado version 2021.1, and Vitis for Software.

I2C signals read back from audio amplifier(SSM2380) is not giving the expected register values. The read-back register values are always constant 0xFF.

Write is working and during read amplifier is acknowledging address but data is wrong.

a. VIVADO 2021.1 Screenshot for the Writing_0_to_Reg5.

b.  VIVADO 2021.1 Screenshot for the Reading_from_Reg5.

Kindly refer the attached picture.

Any help would be very appreciated, since I need to progress on my work.