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Which Audio Codec supported by Jetson xavier NX

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Hi all,

Now I’m finding audio codec which compatible to NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX. I need to interface the codec using I2S (like Fig 11-1, NVIDIA Product design guide) and need it can immediately use or less modify after connect. The output is 3.5mm audio speaker jack.

Any parts, solutions recommend? Any codec drivers need?  If need, are there already available drivers support?

ps. I'm new to audio solutions design. Please share to me If there're any more suggestions or design concern.

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  • Hello wipop,

    I do not know anything about the Jetson Xavier. It seems odd that it needs an IRQ? What is the IRQ used for? The rest of this diagram is pretty much the ADAU1761 codec/DSP. The mic-detect on the ADAU1761 does not work as expected so I would just use a GPIO for that and I think the IRQ could also be derived from a GPIO pin but it depends on what the signal is used for and the timing. 

    It would be good to know the frequencies of the MCLK, BCLK and LRCLK. 

    Dave T