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Category: Hardware
Product Number: SSM6515

Hi Team,

     I uses SSM6515 as  a headphone driver,but there is no output.The  situation is as follows

     1.IIC communication runs well,  VENDOR_ ID  DIVICE_ ID can be read normally, FAIL_ CTRL data read as 0x00.

     2.The IIS signal is set to  24-bit 48K 。Use oscilloscope measure the LRCLK frequency at 48k, BCK signal at 6.173MHz, and SCK signal at 12.25MHz.

     3.The configuration parameters of SSM6515 register are as follows

          CLK_CTRL:   0x00,Attempted 0x05


          DAC_CTRL2:   0x10              


          DAC_VOL:     0x03

          SPT_CTRL2:   0x22,Attempted  0x00

           AMP_CTRL:   0x14

           RESET:           0x10

Currently, using an oscilloscope to connect OUT_ P. OUT_ N No audio signal coming out.

Could you please help check if there are any issues with the register settings?  If there are any issues, please provide suggestions for register settings