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SPI memory mapped Mode Feature support in Sigma DSP ADAU1452

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: EVAL- ADAU1452
Software Version: Sigma Studio 4.6

In SHARC processor, we have the feature of mapping flash device in Memory mapped mode in DSP. We are checking the specific memory mapped mode details in 'ADAU1452_1451_1450_Data_Sheet.pdf', but we cannot find the related details. We need to confirm the SPI memory mapped mode support in ADAU1452. Please support.

  • Hello Ks929,

    I don't think it is possible with sigmaDSP processors. SHARC has a separate hardware feature for this memory mapped mode and it's also more flexible with programming.

    In SHARC we will use it often to communicate with flash. In SHARC, we will just set the register for Memory mapped mode and read instruction and we will directly copy the values from the flash by assigning the address to an internal variable. This happens with a single line of code since all other stuffs are handled by the hardware feature. This mode allows for direct execution of instructions from a SPI memory device without the need for a low-level software driver, as hardware handles all overhead tasks (for example, transmission of the read header, pin turnaround timing, and receive data sizing).

    But sigmaDSP has its own timing and formats that you can refer in the master control port section. You can read data from an external memory by using the master control port, but it will follow the format given in the datasheet. For parameter control, you can refer master control port section here , here and to read from flash here. You can do a normal SPI read/write with the master control port.

    Kindly do reply if you have further queries.



  • Thanks for the detailed explanation and confirmation on the 'SPI Memory Mapped Mode' support in ADAU1452.