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No Response since many days

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Dear Team,

It seems response is very slow and delayed here.

I hope you understand that at certain times a question asked needs quick answers and I am pretty sure i ask only very basic questions .

Please look into this.




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  • Hi  

    In response to your recent posts, please keep in mind the Analog Devices EngineerZone Code of Conduct which states the following:

    ADI members strive to respond to your questions within three business days although sometimes a resolution to your question may take a bit longer.

    I've reviewed your recent questions, including these:  Where to place configuration and  Codec Configuration Registers and both are within the three day reponse time. Please take into consideration that a resolution may take longer than three business days. It is a best practice to include the part number and include as much specific information as possible to receive a prompt reply and solution.

    I understand that you may be frustrated, however, as our EngineerZone Code of Conduct states we do not allow disparaging posts in our community. The ADI team has been helpful and responsive. There was no need to start a new thread. As a result of the multiple disparaging posts in the EngineerZone community, we will be placing your account into moderation for 30 days.

    You may contact the support team in your timezone. Please see here for more information: Technical Support