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ADAU1772 and ADAU1777, can the SELFBOOT pin be connected to GND directly?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1772 ADAU1777


The ADAU1772 and ADAU1777.
When we don't use the self boot, can we connect the SELFBOOT pin to DGND without resister?
Or should we use a resistor?
I thought that either is OK, but please let me confirm.

Several Audio codec and Sigma DSP products support the self boot, and each device has the SELFBOOT pin.
I checked descriptions about the SELFBOOT pins and found below.

ADAU1772, ADAU1777
Pull this pin up to IOVDD at power-up to enable the self-boot mode.

Connect this pin to IOVDD at power-up to enable the self boot mode. Otherwise, set this pin to DGND at startup.

This pin can be tied directly to the control voltage or pulled up/down with a resistor.

This pin can be connected to IOVDD or to ground either directly or pulled up or down with a 1.0 kΩ or larger resistor.

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