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About ADAU1979 signal quality

Category: Hardware

there had a Interference signal approaching 5K

the adau1979 reg cfg in next ( TDM8 + 48K + 12.288MKZ + LRCLK MODE):

addr: 0x0 data : 0x1
addr: 0x1 data : 0xd1
addr: 0x2 data : 0x4a
addr: 0x3 data : 0x7d
addr: 0x4 data : 0x3f
addr: 0x5 data : 0x5a
addr: 0x6 data : 0x0
addr: 0x7 data : 0x10
addr: 0x8 data : 0x32
addr: 0x9 data : 0xf0
addr: 0xa data : 0xa0
addr: 0xb data : 0xa0
addr: 0xc data : 0xa0
addr: 0xd data : 0xa0
addr: 0xe data : 0x2
addr: 0xf data : 0xff
addr: 0x10 data : 0xf
addr: 0x11 data : 0x0
addr: 0x12 data : 0x0
addr: 0x13 data : 0x0
addr: 0x14 data : 0x0
addr: 0x15 data : 0x20
addr: 0x16 data : 0x0
addr: 0x17 data : 0x0
addr: 0x18 data : 0x27
addr: 0x19 data : 0x0
addr: 0x1a data : 0x0

Is it caused by hardware?