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DSP Sharc recommendation to start development.

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Hello, I'm an effects pedal developer from Brazil, I have my own company VTR Effects. We currently use the FV-1 processor for our DSP-based products, but we want to take the next step into the DSP world. That's why I'm looking for DSP models from the Sharc line to start developing guitar pedals like Strymon's. Thanks for the help guys

  • Hello frotaitalo,

    Glad you are looking past the FV-1. Let me use an art analogy,...My only comment here is that you are looking to move from doing a paint-by-numbers drawing to trying to paint the Mona Lisa. There is a significant learning curve and investment in tools and libraries to work with the Sharcs. I do not know you or your associates so perhaps this is not a problem. We have the SHARC Audio Module which is a great eval board to start with. 

    SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI) Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    My suggestion for pedal designs is to use the SigmaDSP line of products. They are simple to use, low cost, reasonably low power and are not BGA parts so board costs will be less. The tools are free and eval boards are reasonable with some really low cost ones available from China. 

    I suggest you start with the ADAU1701. It is similar to the FV-1 in its simplicity of hardware design but is much more powerful processing. I will have the local rap in Brazil contact you. He will be able to help. The ADAU1452 is a much more powerful DSP and is easy to program but it does not have any converters so you will need some converters in the design. 

    The EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ is a good board to start with. It has one AUXADC pot, a few momentary switches and an LED and has a small Class-D amp output and line output. It is a good place to start. The larger ADAU1401 eval board is much more expensive but is very flexible. 

    EVAL-ADAU1701 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices


    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    This is a really interesting reply; the high level overview of the different ICs. 

    I recently purchased the dev board for the ADAU1452 and a number of ADAU1452-150 ICs because they were the only SigmaDSPs I could find. Should I get in contact directly with Analog about finding “out of stock” chips? 

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