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General First Order

Hello. I am using frequency filter in Sigma studio. Some parts were not explained in the calculations and I was not sure. I do the calculations but it doesn't work. Can you help with the calculations? What values do A1,B0,B1 correspond to first?

The calculations given on the site and the calculations of sigma studio are different. What is the problem? Can you help me?

  • Hello, great question.

    The issue is that SigmaStudio is doing A1 = 2.7^(-2 * pi * 100/48000)  instead of e^(-2 * pi * 100/48000)

    I have no idea why!

    So in this case A1 = 2.7^(-2 * pi * 100/48000) = 0.987082520837763

    Now, when you convert that to 8.24 format i.e. floor(A1*2^24)*2^-24 = 0.987082481384277 which is the exact value you are showing!