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AD1938 CODEC Full-Scale Input Voltage (Differential)

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD1938
  • The Full-Scale Input Voltage (Differential) is mentioned as 1.9Vrms (5.35Vp-p) in datasheet. But the power AVDD supply voltage is 3.3V and common mode voltage is 1.5V.How this CODEC will handle this entire input voltage range?

  • In AD1938 Eval Board (UG-045) , the ADC and DAC front end OP-AMPs are supplied with +12V and -12V power supply. But the Eval Board (UG-087), the front end OP-AMPS are supplied with 0 and +5V. Why different supplies are used for OP-AMPS in these boards?

Please guide.