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Audio example for EVAL-ADAU1860 Hifi3z DSP

Hi All,

I got some questions about getting start EVAL-ADAU1860.

I've tried to execute the step the document wrote in Lark SDK v3.0.2, but I don't have any example code for Hifi3z and configure for the Xtensa IDE.
The document in Lark SDK v3.0.2 said: You should receive a installment for core release from ADI. Install it to get the LARK support libraries and source

Is that mean I should get the example by buying a set of EVAL-ADAU1860?

My manager tried to buy one EVAL-ADAU1860 but receive that there is shortage in stock.
So my manager tried to borrow one (with only EVAL-ADAU1860EBZ evaluation board).

With only the board on hand.

1. Do I need mIDAS-Link emulator to debug on the Hifi3z DSP or are there any others JTAG I can use for uploading the code and debugging?

2. Is there any sample code and SDK for audio recording on Hifi3z DSP for EVAL-ADAU1860?


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