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SSM3302 input pin

Hi, Support Team

Regarding SSM3302, I have the following questions, and could you give me some advice?

When using in Mono mode, is there any recommended process for INR+/INR-, such as Open or GND connection?

Best Regards,


  • Hello NEK,

    Thank you ron.p for moving this over to here. 

    The ADC input pins are floating up at a common mode voltage so it is not recommended to ground them. You can leave them floating but I usually do not like doing that because RFI can come into the part via these floating pins. 

    So ground them through a capacitor. You can short the two pins together and use one cap to ground. 100nf is fine. You could also use two 100nf caps to ground if you like, one for each pin. 

    Dave T

  • Hi, Dave-san

    Thank you for the useful information.
    This was very helpful as we were concerned about noise.
    We would like to consider using the configuration you gave us.

    Best Regards,

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