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Do ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 support sample by sample operation?

Hi, we are about to buy ADZS-SC573-EZLITE kit and it has ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs on board.

My concern is that ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs support sample by sample analog-to-digital conversion operation.

In other words, we ask if it can operate so that a callback or interrupt occurs whenever new sample data occurs.

Because we want develop FxLMS-based Active Noise Cancellation system using this kit, we need sample by sample operation(not block by block operation).

Please let me know and thanks for your response in advance~!

  • Hello,

    Perhaps I am not fully understanding your concern but let me respond as best I can. 

    Both of these only operate on a sample to sample basis. They run on clocks using I2S so the data is not interrupt driven in any way and the samples are all done at the same time ( all the channels are in phase ). So you need to setup a serial port to read the data at a constant rate. In the SHARC code I expect there is an interrupt generated at the end of each sample period so you know to go fetch the samples. I do not support the SHARC code so I am not familiar with exactly how the programs function. 

    So you may want to go over to the SC573 section of the forum to get programming examples on how to pick up the samples one at a time instead of a block at a time. I expect the SC573 can be programmed to have a buffer on the serial input ports so that you would pick up a block at a time. All I can say is that the ADCs just stream out one sample every sample period out of a serial port and there is no internal buffer and no way to collect a block of samples. You also do not need to start or read a sample at different times. The samples just always stream out one per sample period. 

    I hope this helps. 

    Dave T

  • Dear Dave, thanks for your detailed reply~!

    I'll go over to the SC5xx section to get more information.