ADAU1452 Wavplayer

And when I was developing ADAU1452,  I encountered a problem,  I use the WavPlayer to play  sound data  in external Flash,

  I chose to play in a loop, but after 30 minutes,  the DSP stop playing. I don't know what caused it?

  Does the WavPlayer always play when chose "Loopback"  , or there is a limit  times?

the configuration of the WavPlayer is as follows:

the Sigma project of ADAU1452 is as follows:

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 3, 2021 6:37 PM


    I have tried to reproduce this on my end, but the WAV player is working properly for me. There is no provision in the code for a maximum number of loops. If "Loopback" is checked, the DSP is supposed to keep playing back forever.

    Some ideas - is it possible the DSP itself was somehow reset after the 30min? Could there be another device attempting to access the memory?

    I can't imagine there is something in your audio file causing this, but if you'd like to attach the project and your WAV file, I'll try them on my eval board here.