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EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ - ADAU1701 comms failed


I have a strange problem connecting EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ to ADAU1701 installed in my amplification module.
The connection to these modules has always worked well until recently. It stopped working with SigmaStudio 4.6 presenting the message "Compiled, comms failed" despite the fact that the USB is green in the "Hardware Configuration".
I re-installed SigmaStudio and the driver but the problem remained. I replaced the USBi module but it did not solve the problem. I tested it in my house and everything works normally. When I tried again at our factory (where it always worked) it doesn't work. I tried with to 2 other Laptops and nothing worked. I tried with a Desktop and it worked although missing some connections.
Used equipments:
Laptop with Win10 20H2 version and USB3
EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ sn 2019061311419 (1.5)
SigmaStudio 4.6

I appreciate urgent help

  • Hello correia,

    Sorry I missed this post earlier. Did you ever solve this problem?

    Dave T

  • I have the same problem, new Sigmastudio 4.6 install and new ADAU1701 hardware worked perfectly for an hour or so running simple crossover app in realtime via the Sigmastudio interface. Went for a break and came back to find it unresponsive to control input from Sigmastudio. Power cycling/windows rebooting/trying other USB ports all failed to resolve "Compiled Comms Failed" error messages. USB is status green and I can read E2prom OK so it seems like the ADAU1701 has bricked itself...... Any suggestions on how to restore it to life very gratefully received...

  • I have the same issue. EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ connects to PC, connection line in HW Configuration is green, and I get "Compiled, Comms Failed." However, the exact same EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ and ADAU1701 work on my colleague's PC. The only difference is that it's 2 years later, so SigmaStudio is v.4.7 for both PCs.

      Can you come back to this?

  • Hello robbzimmerman,

    Let me get this straight,. The same exact USBi and same exact ADAU1701 eval board just the PCs are different? It works for one PC and not the other? Both are using SigmaStudio Rev 4.7?

    Are both PCs using the same OS? Did you change the OS since two years ago?

    Are you using any USB hubs? The ADAU1701 eval board uses USB power so that could be a factor. I am not expecting this but we have to check for all other possible causes. Usually if you are getting the "comms failed" message it is because things like no power to the DSP or no pull-up resistors on the I2C lines. another possible cause is to have the wrong address on the USBi GUI. I know all of these because I have done them all. Slight smile 

    It would be good to look at the I2C signals on a scope and see if it is sending out the correct data and see if the ACK is missing from the DSP or it is a situation where it is sending out the wrong data or no data at all. Do you have a scope?

    Dave T

  • Dave — Yes, it's the exact same USBi and ADAU1701, just different PCs. Both PCs are the same OS (Windows 10) and Sigma Studio 4.7. I also suspected it coudl be hub-related, so I plugged directly into the PC. Same issue. Interestingly, I have mostly reliable connection with ADAU1787 and a different USBi, regardless of whether I use a hub. Sometimes the comms fail, but it only takes a couple re-tries to get successful download.

  • Hello robbzimmerman,

    I almost always use a USB hub on my ADI PC and never have problems. It is an Anker hub so it is not a super cheap brand but it is not anything special. 

    In recent years Microsoft did change how they did USB drivers and it is now up to the computer manufacturer. Is it the same make of computer? 

    Dave T

  •   — The lab computer is a Dell, and I think the other PC in question is a Lenovo. That may be the root cause, but it's odd that a my ADAU1787 + USBi works fine on the Dell. The issue is only with this specific ADAU1701 + USBi pair. At any rate, now that I know it's not systemic with the Dell, I can work around it.