Changing/configuring blocks execution order

Dear AD Team,

I searched for an existing answer to my question but without success.

I'm new to Sigmastudio and just started programming on an ADAU1466 DSP board.

I'm planning to design a multi-effect with several effects like flanger, chorus, total should be 8 or 9 effects.

Each effect will be inside a dedicated hierarchy block.

Is there any way to allow a configurable execution order of the effects/blocks?

e.g.  1.Overdrive, 2.Flanger, 3.chorus.............-----or---->1.Flanger, 2.Chorus 3.Overdrive................

is it possible to do this using a multiplexer or routing matrix? sorry but it looks not easy to me...

or are there easier ways?

Also is there any way to bypass a block and avoid that the inner content is computed at every cycle, to save processing power?

Many Thanks in advance!