A2B max. possible audio channels at 96 kHz


I'm designing an audio system which has one or two Sharc DSPs to do the processing. The system needs to handle 64 channels of audio at 32 bit and 96 kHz (TDM8).

The audio channels will be routed to the amp and dac boards via a2b bus (AD2428 chips).

I couldn't find any unmistakeable documentation on the max. channel count at 96 kHz in one direction (downstream). 1/2 of the bus bandwidth would be 24,576 Mhz, so 8 channels at 32/96k seem to be possible.

1. How much channels are the max possible configuration to transmit via a2b bus at 32 bit/96 kHz? Can you please confirm my max. channel calculation regarding half of the total bus bandwidth?

2. I just need to stream audio data in one direction. Is it possible to use the bandwidth which is usually used for upstream data transmission for additional downstream channels?

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