Looking for a help to configure ADAU1452 eval board for a PDM mic input with SigmaDSP

I am struggling with hooking up a mono mems mic with PDM output interface to the ADAU1452REVB eval board.

The PDM mic has 5 wires hooked up as follows:

VDD - connected to A_3V3 spot
DATA - connected to LRCLK_IN_2 on J3
GND - connected to GND on J3
CLOCK - connected to BCLK_OUT2 spot
SEL - connected to GND on J3

In de ADAU1452 settings in SigmaDSP I configured the digital MICs port to output a clock on BCLK2 and take data from MP12 (LRCLK_IN2/MP12 according to datasheet pg153).
In the multipurpose register in SigmaDSP I have the mode for MP12 set to digital mic.

The ADAU1452 is not receiving data from the MIC yet.

rebuild application for 1452 - earlier comment on 1462 no longer applies
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