ADAU1401A manual?


Might I know if ADI have any ADAU1401A manual besides datasheet?

We find ADAU1401A initialization procedure is not in detail. Might I know if ADI has the timing diagram for setup sequencing and power up time for ADAU1401A?

We shall follow the guide for sequencing.

Thank you.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 6, 2021 8:50 PM 1 month ago

    Hello Mark,

    All that is available on the power up topic is in the datasheet. There may be some posts. Keep in mind that the ADAU1701 is functionally the same part so most of the posts on EngineerZone will be about the ADAU1701. All the information will also apply to the ADAU1401A


    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank for your feedback. Yes, I find some detail in power sequencing detail in engineering zone. like mentioned AVDD, PVDD, IOVDD and DVDD timing is not an issue. All pin is powered by single power in reference design as well

    However, in practical, the analog power (AVDD) and digital power (PVDD, IOVDD and DVDD) should be separated to optimizing noise and EMC.

    It may some delay when power-up and power-down. Appreciate if you can advise any impact or tolerance.

    ADAU1401A has power-down feature for oscillator and AUXADC. Might I know if ADI have their current saving detail for their power-down?

    I attempt to find the detail above in engineerzone but not avaialbel.

    Appreciate if you have any advice for power and timing delay detail.

    Thank for your help in advance.

    Thank you.