I'm Preparing To Have My Engineering Evaluation For A2B. And In This Experiment I Don't Want DSP. So I Guess The Best Suitable One Is ADZS-AD2428MINI. So I Place My Order In Digikey With No Doubt Until Checkout Step I Find The There Is Written With Master / Local Power. What Would I Have Thought Is AD2428 Should Be Set As Master / Slave So Does The Board ADZS-AD2428MINI. Therefore I Go To See User Manual But Find No Information Whether The Board Can Be Set As Master Or Slave. Can Anyone Help To Answer My Question?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 9, 2020 8:45 PM

    The manual is not very clear, but that board can be either an A2B master or a slave. The mode (master/slave) must be programmed via I2C. The manual does give information on setting up whether the board is local or slave (phantom) powered. The rest is done in software.

    Please keep in mind that you will need two or more nodes to evaluate the bus.

    Also, would may want to reconsider getting the EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ as your master node. While it does have a DSP, it is one programmed graphically with the same tools used to configure A2B itself. The DSP is very useful for things like channel mapping and generating tones to debug audio streams. Just a suggestion, though.


  • Hello Ken Do You See My Reply? Do I Need ICE-1000 / ICE-2000 If I Use ADZS-AD2428 Mini Without DSP? I Need Your Confirmation Then Decide Which Ones Should I Purchase.

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