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ADAU1961 and TDM4

Hello ADI designers,
My question is about the ADAU1961, and more precisely about its TDM4 feature.
Basically : how to use 2 ADAU1961 with a sharing of their ADC_SDATA and DAC_SDATA lines ?
The aim is to use only 2 lines of data for 2 CODECs, instead of 4 lines of data when using I2S/LJ/RJ modes.

I already used the ADAU1978, and in the datasheet is written that :

"The TDM mode supports two, four, eight, or 16 channels. The ADAU1978 outputs four channels of data in the assigned slots (Figure 27 shows the TDM mode slot assignments). During the unused slots, the output pin becomes high-Z so that the same data line can be shared with other devices on the TDM bus."

I expect the ADAU1961 has the same behaviour, but unfortunately no information in its datasheet !!

Maybe this could be done thanks to the DAPAIR and ADPAIR bits, but the term 'pair' is a little bit confusing, and why to say "first pair, second pair, third pair, fourth pair" where there are only 2 pairs in TDM4 modes (4 slots during one LRCLK period or between 2 LRCK pulses) ?

If anybody had more information about this feature, it could be very helpful !!

Thanks a lot !!