adau1372 and adau1451 TDM connection

I am using ADAU1372 and ADAU1451 in an audio design.     I am using all 4 ADC inputs and send that successfully to DSP in TDM4 mode(I2S mode only sends two channels from CODEC) .  The DSP also attempts to send 2 channels to the  DACs.   I have been unsuccessful in configuring the devices to get all 4 ADC channels to DSP and the 2 DSP channels to the CODEC DAC.      I can get all 4 ADC channels when configuring for TDM4, but I only get one channel from the DSP to CODEC DAC path. I am sure this is a configuration issue on either the DSP side or CODEC side

Is TDM4 the correct configuration for sending the 4 ADCs and the 2 DACs?  Or should I use I2S?

Do the two ports (input and output) connected together on ADAU1451 need to be configured for TDM4?  I use CODEC as master and DSP as slaves.

Do you have an example or description for these two devices that show how to program and connect serial ports so that 4 ADCs and 2 DACs supported when only using MP0 and MP1 data paths?  That is, i am not using MP6.  MCLK, BCLK and LRCLK are connected as well.  

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