ADAU1401 WriteBack Trigger


I want to trigger a Write Back action on the ADAU1401 to save volume control and filter parameters.

Rather than try to build a voltage monitoring system that pulls the WB pin high when the voltage rail is dropping, I thought it might be possible simply to connect the WB pin directly to one of the GPIO outputs and have a DC Pulse block that triggers it every 5 seconds so the current settings are continuously saved.

Is there any reason this will not work as expected?

Would I need any kind of buffer resistors or pull ups? I'm thinking not, as the GPIO can output logic levels directly, correct?

A side question: WB is set to activate on logic high, but it can be set to activate on logic low via the registers. Can this be set via Sigma Studio, or does it need to be done 'manually' via a control port write once booted?

Additional question
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