i would like to use ad1937 for my design.

design is based on 3 mono line level audio inputs, and 7 mono audio outputs. all ins-outs at 48khz.

I'm looking thou at the reccomended circuits for input outputs that would make the use of this chip extremely expensive.

Could there be an alternative to those input / output circuits?

Is there something i could get rid of (opamps??) without losing too much quality and making the idea viable?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 17, 2020 8:01 PM

    Hello gino6,

    All DACs will need some sort of filtering. Some of it depends on the tolerance for out-of-band energy. You can use passive filters if you like. Look at the datasheet for the ADAU1966A for some ideas. You will only need the 12V rails if you want the output to be amplified above what a single ended rail will allow. It is physics and math. If you want the output to be able to go up to +23dBu then you will need more than 5V to do it. So it is up to your application and what you need for level.

    Dave T

  • Thx a lot mr Thib

    So, i just wanted to get what dacs are going to lose if the passive filter is used..

    The application is never intended to produce anything above 40khz really

    Best regards

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