Looking for detailed info on adau1961 spi protocol

The datasheet has very little data on this protocol.

It does not seem to mention the inactive clock polarity.

I have assumed that it is low (from the very vague spi protocol image)

The MISO data should be read on the rising edge.

I assume to read register 0x402d I would:

clock the enable low three times (with a 1 msec delay on edge changes)

pull the enable low

send 0x01     //the address plus the read bit

send 0x40

send 0x2d

drive the master with a dummy write and read the slave.

drive enable high

So when I do this the ada1961 pulls the MISO data line low just after the 0x2d and that's all I get.

I know this register defaults to  0xAA from the data sheet.

Any help would be appreciated!