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ADAV803 Internal Registers Problems

Hi all,

I am currently programming the ADAV803 using the I2C serial interface protocol so that to program the internal control registers.

I found a problem that in a range of certain registers, from (0x60 to 0x60), When I send a byte of data so that to change the bits of the registers, and then I read what was written to that register I obtain a wrong value,

Example if I write 0x08 to register 0x63 for datapath control register 2 I obtain a value fro the codec, which is equal to 0xDF, which is a wrong value. Also even if I change the byte value to 0x0, I still get 0xDF.

Can someone tell me what can be the problem with these registers, is there any deafault settings or something?

Please help me!!