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SSM2518 EVB Issue


       I want to use SSM2518 to design Bluetooth speaker. I have SSM2518 EVB , but I can not download EVB info at ADI websit. I want to know jumper pin info of EVB. Could you let me know this info ? Thank you.

  • Hello Paul,

    Attached, please find the SSM2518 evaluation board schematic, quick start guide, and a Sigma Studio project file that is configured for SSM2518 in a 5V power supply configuration. 

    Please note, to use the GUI, you must use a USBi and interface to the I2C bus of the SSM2518 via Sigma Studio.  Should the SSM2518 .DLL not be included in your version of Sigma DSP, I am also attaching the source .DLL within the .zip file in this message.

    An alternative is to use the Total Phase Aardvark USB to I2C adapter and generate your own i2c writes.  It is footprint compatible with the USBi on the evaluation board.

  • Hello Josh,

              I got it. Thank you for your help. Thank you.

  • Hello. This is Jidoja(=Jerry Kim) from Korea.
    I am programming the SSM2518 Chip.
    If there is a Sample C Code (I2C Communication) for reference, can you send it to me?
    Any help in studying would be appreciated.
    thank you.