AD1895 only as a jitter attenuator, without any resampling frequency


Is it possible to use AD1895 only as a jitter attenuator of the incoming signal (S/PDIF from CD player or from other source converted to I2S on WM8804), with bit-perfect and without any resampling?

In this way (1:1 fs out to fs in ratio):

Input (as slave) fs -> output (as master) fs

32 kHz with jitter -> 32 kHz without jitter

44.1 kHz with jitter -> 44.1 kHz without jitter

48 kHz with jitter -> 48 kHz without jitter

88.2 kHz with jitter -> 88.2 kHz without jitter

96 kHz with jitter -> 96 kHz without jitter

176.4 kHz with jitter -> 176.4 kHz without jitter

192 kHz with jitter -> 192 kHz without jitter

Is it enough for this one MCLK frequency (only one crystal oscillator connected to AD1895) ?

The output signal is intended for a DAC, for example AD1955.

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