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SSM2142 load driving and receiving capacity

1. We have selected SSM2142 as our differential driver for driving AD8620 Op Amps. The input capacitance of AD8620 is given as 15pF for common mode and 8pF for differential mode. As the driving capacity is not given in terms of capacitance for SSM2142 we are not sure whether SSM2142 will be able to drive AD8620 single ended op amp.

2. We had selected SSM2142 as a replacement of DRV135 differential line driver. But DRV135 driver is not having balanced outputs as per the datasheet. Also we found that SSM2142 is direct replacement of DRV134 (Predecessor of DRV135). Let us know the differential output voltage swing as the datasheet of SSM2142 has not given the same.

3. We required to know the input capacitance of the SSM2142.

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