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EVAL ADAU1761Z with Digital Microphones

Hi everyone!!

       Actually, I'm doing an internship on MEMS Sensors more precisely on Microphones. I bought an Audio Codec ADAU 1761 on evalboard and several digital microphones (evalboard) build by Invensense.

       For my project, I use the program SigmaStudio. And, I want to display the output of one microphone like a oscilloscope. Do you know if any function in Sigma Studio which do that? Moreover, I want to save the data output of my microphone like a text file or a csv file. In the same way, do you know if any function in Sigma Studio which do that?

If you have any questions, let me know!



  • Hello Christophe,

    Are you still working on this project?


    Dave T

  • I just started working with SigmaStudio and want to know the same thing. How can I save my input data from the microphone and the output that would go to the output speaker or headphone.

    I am using a ADAU1761 on the EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ board.



  • Hello Dan,

    I was just checking back on old posts and saw your reply. Unfortunately, we don't get notified of new replies so I apologize for the late response.

    There is no way to stream the data back to SigmaStudio with the exception of a simple level meter. Most of our eval boards have an SPDIF interface but this one does not. So the only way is to find a USB scope or just use a sound card to sample the audio into a file on the computer. I wish I had better news on this.


    Dave T

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