SSM2604 bypass feeds LLINE-IN to LOUT and ROUT

I have a new design, and have initialized the SSM2604, we are using only the recording paths, so DACs are disabled.


For testing I have the bypass enabled and we have test points (and nothing else) on LOUT and ROUT. With audio only input to the LLINE-IN I'm seeing signal at both LOUT and ROUT. The signal at ROUT is slightly lower. It looks like I've mis-configured something.


My initialization sequence is:

0x0f =  0x000

0x06 = 0x05a

0x00 = 0x017

0x01 = 0x017

0x04 = 0x008

0x05 = 0x008

0x07 = 0x04a

0x08 = 0x014

... then 1000mS later 0x09 = 0x001


I have not got my DSP alive yet so I have no idea what's happening on the digital audio bus ...

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